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About the Hong Kong Restaurant

The Hong Kong Restaurant began with a single dining room on the first floor of its Massachusetts Avenue location back in 1954. Major changes began in 1970, transforming it into the three floors that it occupies today, although then with an expanded dining room on the first floor, a second dining room on the second floor and a banquet room on the third floor. Over the years, the second floor became a lounge, and a dance floor was added to the third floor.

The Hong Kong Restaurant is a full-service establishment with a full dining room on the first floor, a lounge on the second floor and a dance floor on the third floor.

Who we are

The Hong Kong Restaurant was established by Jimmy (Sen) Lee and Mary (Buoy) Lee and is truly a family business. Today, the restaurant is run by their children Evelyn and Paul while the oldest son, William, runs the Boston location, Hong Kong at Faneuil Hall.

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It has been 66 years as a family restaurant and we are certain there are lots of stories of events that have taken place here in the last 6 decades.  We would love to hear about your experiences, stories, events, and highlights at the Hong Kong Restaurant in Harvard Square. Please let us know how we did and if we can share your story on our website.

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